My Papa

Seriously loving my Dad today. 

A man that worked manual labor 50+ hours per week, leaving the house as early as 4:00am some years.  He still tucked us in, fixed things for my Mother, cooked us breakfast on his days off, and took us on adventures.  He made life exciting by showing us the great outdoors and experiencing the world with us.  He rarely let us feel like he was too tired to play or help with anything.  

And all of this he did while never once expecting anything in return.  Not from us or my Mother.  They worked hard together, played harder, and loved one another more as a result.  I will never know who made more money, who had more education, or who was raised "better", and I'm glad for it.

We basically just grew up with the most amazing man who did it all and more, simply because that's just what Dad's are supposed to do.  He always met my Mother on even ground before my sister and I.  The "division" of man and wife was visible purely by gender (ok, and physical strength at times ;) He was never too proud to help, never too busy with work, and never would hesitate to suggest we just order a pizza instead of cook.  Togetherness meant more, and still means more than anything to him.

I pray I'm half the spouse and parent that he and my mother are.

I love you Papa!  (and Momma!)

Who else is lucky to have an awesome Dad today??  

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