my "Mary Ann Fisher"; the story of my linen flare skirt with pleats and pockets

You know that scene in the movie "Ray"
where Mary Ann Fisher
(played by Aunjanue Ellis)
bails on Ray Charles?

Shortly after the Raelettes joined the band,
Ray and Margie Hendricks started getting close
and Mary Ann decided she was out..
It was only appropriate 
 to smash his car window with a brick on her way to the cab.
Talk about a grand exit!
Here's the snippet of that scene from the movie

That image of Mary Ann is forever imprinted on my brain
not so much for the content,
but more for the reason of how much I love her outfit in that scene.

A wool pencil skirt in a light slate
A cashmere cardigan in a near-perfect colormatch
Contrast piping across the collar
And a great pair of black pumps

She wasn't about to miss a beat between 
closing one book and opening another.
She was dressed for success.

It is with that fresh image that I picked out 
a certain pattern at JoAnn's

The pattern was enough to build an entire dress
but I only wanted the skirt
and I was having an awful hair moment
so you don't get to see that lol

I love the high waist
and the pleats
I love the length.. 
It's so "tea party on a Sunday afternoon"

And I love the pockets!

It's such a great piece

There are a few mistakes, oh yes..
This is technically the first patterned piece of apparel that I've created
But I'm satisfied with my whole-hearted attempt

I call it my Mary Ann Fisher because
it took me from work to the store today without a hitch.
I gave Eli piggy-back rides
And lugged groceries between the house and car..
and I felt fabulous doing so.
I didn't compromise comfort or style;
I was ready for anything :)


if I was to leave a man that was doing me wrong
there would be some full on Bruce Lee action in that exit

Sure, you can throw a brick in a pencil skirt..

but you need a flare cut to display these badass moves

Happy Day to you all~

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