some people 
keep talking about 
what you haven't done
what you lack
mistakes you've made
what you could have done better

well your GOD
keeps telling you 
that you still have a lot to do
that you're abundant in spiritual gifts
and have much to accomplish

their talk is sin
but keep that hate close
and let it motivate you to do the most good 
as you walk and glorify Him

their words and whispers
are a sad attempt to 
fill insecurities
and if it ropes you in
then you've helped them succeed
in keeping you under their feet

walk proudly in the light of your GOD
who blesses you

work hard with the heart 
He has gifted you with

let no one quench that glorious light
just remember it's in the dark where
you'll shine so bright

it's hard to know what lies ahead
and it's hard to handle the lies you're fed
but when it's only lies they can supply
just keep that promise He gave to Philippi

you can do ALL things
through CHRIST
who strengthens you

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