The Dress

Monday night I met with four very special ladies and tried on 
the dress that will carry me from this part of my life to the next

Mom's wedding dress has been hanging at Grandma's for the past 35 years
She wore it on September 17, 1977.  It was lovely; classic, dainty, conservative and fresh

She was 20 years old

When Thomas asked if I would be his for ever and ever I knew that I wanted to wear it;
but bridal fashion has certainly changed over the years and so, 
some alterations are in store for the gown that Mom wore

My sister was home sick with my niece and I'm so sad she wasn't there with me

Still Mom, Aunt Tobi, and my bestest bestie Angela 
met with mom's dear and talented friend after dinner to determine 
what needs to be done and how we can update this gem of a dress

Well let me tell you Ladies..

It fits like a glove  

It hangs like it's on a mannequin

My heels took the hem to the perfect spot

It bustled to the right length for spinning and swaying and tip-toeing through a crowd

The color is the perfect shade of non-traditional-bride ivory

I. am. geeked.

For the sake of keeping one big tradition, there will not be full pictures until the day of. 
I do not want Thomas to see it, though he sort of has as pictures have surfaced here and there

But we can give a sneak peek of some details

as you can see by the name on the cleaning receipt, this is the dress from my Mom's first marriage
my Mother and Father's marriage
Though they haven't been together for basically my entire life,
I'm still very excited to wear her dress

here's the before~ added now that Thomas has seen it  :)

There was just so much excitement after this part of the planning commenced
Until tonight, I truly felt as if my wedding was just another item on the todo list; 
basically forgotten about and a stressor when brought up...
Tonight, however, these women were celebrating me and the day I'm anticipating like crazy
I felt like a little girl in her own fairytale

There is an excitement that lies in knowing that 
something my Mother wore at a very pivotal moment in her life will now be worn at mine. 
The last time this happened was during my First Year baby pictures; 
sporting a dress that she wore for hers, and that my baby sister and niece later wore, too
Mom, me in the upper right, and Megan on the lower right

In the time of a "Say Yes To The Dress" culture and the Age of the Bridezilla, there is a very deep-rooted satisfaction in knowing that the perfect dress was already chosen for me long ago. 

I don't need to make a fashion statement

Or try to impress anyone but my soon-to-be husband

Sorry, Vera, I want ivory and daisies

It'll be tailored and trimmed to suit my style

It'll be so much more special

I was blessed to have the best women in my life there to be excited for me, and to help me decide where we should snip, what we should keep, where we should tuck and what we should alter. 

I was happy to know I'm going to give that gown another go

Now for the next fun part...

shoes :)

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