Best Lasagna Recipe; 90 Minutes to Delicious

yes, I said 90 minutes to delicious lasagna

using whatever you can find in the fridge

making your own sauce

and prepared and cooked while a toddler runs up and down the walls

it's one of my most prized cooking moments

looks good, huh? 

ready to get cookin'?

preheat your oven to 375
grab your favorite apron
(we're working with tomatoes)
and the ingredients shown in this pic

i added a few more after this, just wanted the artsy intro
this is for my teeny recipe that will feed the three of us seconds, maybe
double it if you want more!

1 pound ground beef
a handful of garlic cloves
small vidalia onion
any tomatoes you have laying around
14 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
salt and pepper
parsley and oregano
ground red pepper (cayenne)
2 cups ricotta or small curd cottage cheese
1 egg
small block of mozzarella or two bags shredded
ground parmesan
lasagna noodles
any left over veggies you can find

anyone who has followed my recipes may see a pattern here..
i do not give "exacts" or "musts" unless it will truly ruin the recipe if done otherwise
i am a fan of the art of cooking; not telling someone how to do things my way
cooking is meant to be experimental and actively learned
anyone who tells you their way is right and your way is wrong has a serious pride issue
this lasagna recipe may not be someone else's best, but it's my family's best
so substitute at will, ladies, and enjoy yourselves!

ok, rant; over

step 1
fry up the beef in olive oil
add minced garlic and onion just before it's completely cooked
salt and pepper like crazy

step 2
chop veggies to add
I add my mushrooms at this point since they are "meaty"

step 3
once they are incorporated, add tomatoes and sauce

step 4
simmer while you prepare the rest
taste and adjust salt and pepper
add cayenne after the pepper has matured in the sauce
brighten with as much parsley and oregano as you'd like 
step 5
as the sauce simmers:
mix about a cup and a half of ricotta or cottage cheese in a small bowl
add a half cup of parmesan
add one half of a beaten egg
add parsley.. again, as much as you want .. clearly I like a lot of it

should be "soupy"
step 6
chop up your leafy and light veggies
i love spinach and zucchini in pasta dishes
add to the sauce and turn off the heat

step 7
soak the lasagna noodles in hot water for 15 minutes
as you can see i broke mine in half to fit in the dish 

finally, the fun part:


spoon a light layer of sauce into your dish

lay your noodles (and pieces)
laugh all you want.. i want noodles in each bite!

add half of the cheese mix

add shredded mozzarella

repeat one more time
then add one more light layer of sauce and the finishing touch layer of shredded cheese
sprinkle with parmesan
gorgeous, yes? 
mine just passes the top of the dish, so I plan to bake it on a sheet to catch any run-over
**it will "grow" thanks to the egg in the cheese**
nothing crazy but enough to make a mess if you aren't prepared

pop in the oven for 20 minutes and check
you could easily cook for 30 just to make sure the noodles are done and the egg is cooked

i wait until the timer goes off, shut off the oven, and then let it sit for a few more minutes
always comes out great

since i'm so nice, i'm saving the first bite for my boys
i'll be at work tonight and they'll still have a delicious home-cooked meal

prepped in the time it took for them to eat lunch
finished while I put Eli down for his nap

cooled while I studied in my quiet time

today, i am SuperMom


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