a fantastic portion of the James study by Beth Moore has been met, 
read and attempted in the past 24 hours.  


Biblically used as a synonym of forgiving, or submitting oneself
yielding is simply the act of letting something or someone "win" in a given moment, 
and then moving on with life.

think about this sign we are very familiar with, yet may not always obey
Discovered here

perhaps you have been given a ticket for "failure to yield"

yielding. is. tough.
continue after the jump to find out why, and what you can do about it

no matter the context,
it's often difficult to give someone the right of way.
Perhaps this happens because most people are afraid to let go, or give in,
or submit, believing that those actions carry the negative connotation of
leaving them lesser or smaller in the end;
leaving them weak.

in this study, however, I'm learning that yielding is really a beautiful thing.

yielding is not laying down and letting someone walk all over you...
yielding is taking the high road

yielding is not removing your self-respect.. 
yielding is removing bitterness and selfish ambition

yielding is not throwing away your feelings..
yielding is giving it over to God 

here i'll explain what Beth covered, then give my final thoughts at the end...

the Greek word used at two key points in the bible 
where a great deal of yielding or submitting is happening is

it translates to "sending away; giving up; leaving behind.." and many more..

 two scriptures where this is shown to be the original wording are

where we pray the Lord's Prayer, asking to be forgiven for our trespasses
as well as forgive those who trespass against us

where Jesus finally gave up His spirit and died

the placement of aphiemi in the wording tells us that 
these were moments where life and its burdens were returned to God;
turned over to the Lord for Him to carry rather than us.

I found that in the King James Version there are 146 uses of this word
52 in the context of leaving something behind
47 having to do with forgiving.  
More than half of the uses are in moments where the Lord is reminding us to 
give the most difficult things over to Him!!

so why do we hold onto things, rather than submit them?

 we hold onto these things, because of our pride; 
because we feel that if we give in we have lost a strength.  
but in reality, holding it in only makes us more weak...

In trying to protect ourselves, we become more vulnerable to pain.  

In trying to carry every load we have ever encountered 
we become so beat down that we can no longer feel the life within us.  

This is not the way we were intended to live.  
This is why the Lord inspired aphiemi to appear in His Word.

In the book of James, he explains that the wisdom from Heaven is characterized by 
"willingness to yield."

It is clear that this is the way we are supposed to be.
God made us to be submissive and compassionate.  
We, ourselves, chose to become proud.

so just for today..

when someone berates you or makes you feel small; give it to HIM.

when you feel defeated, give it to HIM.

when you are in a heated argument, give that person the win, but know you are really giving it to HIM.

when you have been wronged, forgive; you are giving it to HIM, not giving it up.

when you feel small in the presence of another's criticism.

when you feel like you'll never come out on top; never be good enough.

when you think there is no more that you can do.

when you are judged.

when you are just not acceptable.

when you are constantly reminded of your faults and shortcomings. 

even when it's someone you love so much, 
give in and thank God for His promise to take it off of your battered and broken spirit.

yield it.  

send it forth.

give it up.

leave it behind.

it's not disappearing. 

it's not thrown away.

it is now in the hands of the only ONE who can truly handle it.


He will deal with that person
He will handle that situation
He will care for that moment
He will give healing to that sore spot

even though you want to fight it out and make your point,
choose to experience not even one more ounce of pain or discouragement than you have to anymore;  
just yield it up to HIM


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