oh sweet morning

there were moments of waking, then the fuzz of sleep; 
there were some seconds of pure clarity 
and that's when I knew what was going on..

morning kisses

not the kind that would win an Academy Award
or grace the cover of a good romance novel

the kind that happen without anyone knowing.. 
not even the receiver

the kind that happen when you are in a moment all by yourself
when you have the few extra minutes, or not..
the ones that hit a cheek, a nose, a forehead.. 
maybe a shoulder or hand

these are the kisses that hold a relationship together

relationships are hard and emotional; downright challenging at times.
i'm no picnic, yet i demand a lot.
with all i give or don't give, i have received a man that cares for me
that loves me despite these things
i have received a family that is priceless; irreplaceable
this morning, i received the most special moment.  
the kind that happens when there is no one else to see, 
and for that reason, it's much more breathtaking

this morning i received a bit of 
that heart which my own beats for

after Thomas left for work I sat up like I had just heard a parade of dinosaurs flood the room
then vanish

i was in that moment where I asked myself 
"did that just happen?"

it was like a sleeping cliffhanger; strong enough to rival my first time seeing Inception

i immediately missed him

i emailed him to say thank you for the sweet morning.  
i said it made me feel loved, and it made me happy

i said "i think i felt you kiss me not once, but twice?"  
i giggled in text at my puppylove-infused, exhausted delirium

he said "i hope you know I love you dearly.."

he said 
"actually, i gave you 5 or 6 kisses this morning, not just two."


kiss someone you love today.

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