WonderWoman Wednesday~ The adorable barista at Starbucks

I'm such a fan of persistent men..  Not only men that work hard and play harder, but the men who set their sights on that one special lady and never give up.

I mean never. give. up.

There is a guy that, oh how can I put this.. drools over the adorable barista at Starbucks.  I frequent a special S*Bux on my route and just happen to see this little scenario often.

He chats her up at the register, she stays with the script.
He takes too long to take the change, she is already on to the next customer.
He makes small talk over the hiss of the steamer, she "strains" to hear him.
He pounces on the last opportunity to speak to her when he picks up his drink, she gives the I-don't-want-to-be-rude-but-I-also-don't-want-to-give-you-the-wrong-idea smile.
He floats out of the building on clouds of skim milk froth; perma-grin knocking people over along the way.

One time I witnessed the entire exchange and it was only then that I saw her response to the man's very obvious courting ritual.  After he exhausted his "you'll get 'er this time" one-liners and left the building dripping in passion and awkwardness, she put one hand on her hip, wiped her brow with the back of the other and said 

"one down, just a few more to go..."

For some strange reason, I don't think she was talking about espresso shots.

You go girl~ Keep that swagg, and don't hurt nobody :)

Happy Wednesday~

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