Weekly Devotional~ Only God can judge

I've been thinking a lot about a post I wrote a while back.  This post took a piece of my heart and soul with it when it was put to "paper" and I often read it thinking "how in the world did I ever come up with this?"
It's not that I do not believe what I wrote, but rather that I cannot believe the strength and confidence that flows through it.  It is almost like a fossil of a moment when I felt untouchable, and had enough of that power to share with others.

Even She was written after I had a very strong epiphany during a week of bible study.  In this particular post I address a few common issues that we as humans have with judgment.  I address the "damsel in distress" of the Old Testament, and lavishly share the story of her redemption.  I speak on what Jesus says about those who have faith in Him and who finds the gates of Heaven.

This post is long and probably controversial; it is also very informative and a darn good mini-study if you happen to miss church or leave service needing a bit more.

It is for anyone who has been judged, judges others, or feels that they do not, for whatever reason, deserve the love that God has reserved for them.  

I think that encompasses us all, doesn't it?..

Link to the post for a deep recollection of a moment where I was convinced that we are all loved by God, and part of His great plan for humanity.  Even She is full of scripture worth memorizing, and speaks to a society that chooses to form their own opinion rather than live from the heart that God placed in us all.  

I pray it speaks to you, too.

Happy Sunday~

P.s.  I know I love to rant and ramble; I am the modern day Chatty Cathy.  Still, I pray that you find something worth keeping when you read anything that I compose from a spiritual mindset or post-prayer.  They are often messy and emotional, but I do hold a point (if you can find it lol)  xoxo

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