To have your cake and eat it, too

Today I let Eli have a nutella cupcake for lunch.

Yes, I am the greatest mother alive.

As he's sitting in the highchair, covered in sticky hazelnut deliciousness, Thomas announces he needs to return to work; lunch is over.
Eli throws a fit.  Arching, crying, huffing and puffing; he wants to walk Daddy to the door, as usual.

So I clean him up with a quick swipe and let him out of the chair.  He's still wearing "that bib"; the one that covers his entire torso and cannot be ripped off because it goes over his head like a t-shirt.  He is without pants, and as he is now throwing his body on the floor in protest of being separated from the cupcake, I notice nutella in his hair.  Joy. It looks like I must give him a bath anyway, so being the great mother I am, I grab the cupcake and say "ok, let's go."

Eli smiles, ear to ear, and there is a procession of drool and tears and huffs and puffs of relief.  He waddles down the hall with me like a puppy chasing a clean pair of socks in his master's hand.  With eyes on the prize he is satisfied as he sits to wave "bye bye" to Daddy from the top of the stairs.

As he blows kisses, nutella is now covering his nose and mouth.  I'm beginning to full on belly laugh at the past five minutes and upon doing so, Eli gives me a hearty slug to the arm, now covering me in nutella.  More kisses, more giggles, Daddy leaves and he takes the cupcake and waddles back down the hall.

The silhouette of this little Prince running into the afternoon sunlit living room is priceless.  Now that he has turned the corner to the dining room, I follow crumbs on the floor and little chocolate fingerprints on the wall to find a sticky brown baby with two arms in the air waiting to get back in the chair to finish that cupcake off once and for all.  As I lift him up he gives me the biggest, snottiest, drooliest and tearful kiss I've ever received from him.
It's almost like he was saying, "see mommy, that wasn't so bad was it?"

Is it crazy that I cried a bit? 

No, darling.. actually, it wasn't bad at all :)

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