WonderWoman Wednesday; Much Love, Nicole

Ladies and Gents, I introduce Nicole Hoppe. 

yes, she could pass for Angelina

Lovely author of all things hysterical and motherly over at

Nicole is someone I feel the entire world needs to know about.  Ironically, she needs no introduction; her blog can be found by googling "exploding labia."

I've known her since back in the day. Seventh grade, to be exact. In a short couple of years I began to realize what a very different girl she was and learned many things from this one of a kind WonderWoman, a few being;

1) Princess Leia buns are sooo in, anyday
2) A cookies and cream Edy's ice cream cylinder can be made into the cutest purse
3) Boys still pay tabs even after one year of dating; per my homemade happy 1st anniversary card, Senior year. 

Nicole is now married with the most amazing little man, Gavin, and a baby girl on the way who we call "Baby Nutella."  

Here they are at G-Man's 2nd Bday

She is the CEO of Bebeology; an eco-amazing e-tail store she started back in 2008, and recently started "Gavin's Gymboree Closet," her personal consignment-style exchange program for little man's clothing.  Her schooldays have produced graduation with honors, a business and law degree, friends that still love the hell out of her and a hubby named Brad.  How does he relate to schooldays?  Well we all know boys like brains..

And a woman who has no problem posting photos of her bra on her blog.  Men, calm down.. they are usually being poised in remembrance; showing you just how scary things get during nursing season, or placed on her head, just for fun.  The closest you'll get to seeing the goods is when she is sharing pics of a child tied to her via her Moby.
She carried out an incredibly boastful 533+ day streak where she wore yoga pants everyday; a streak with a list of events that pretty much included everything except birthing Gavin.  Her son came a month early on the aftershocks of the laughing fit caused by "The Hangover" and she shamelessly dresses him in furry cowprint cloth diapers.

Couldn't let that one go without proof

She makes her own babyfood.  She's making her own baby bedding for Baby Nutella.  She's made a name for herself and any woman that wants to mother without having to be a stereotypical mother.

She's just plain amazing.  Everytime I visit her site, she is posting something that is nothing less than a full on dead honest, refreshing representation of who she is and what she feels about life.  It is a genuine approach to venting and sharing the joys and pains of being an extremely smart and beautiful woman forced to put it all on hold in order to bring forth life here and there.  

Visit Nicole over at MuchLoveNicole.com and be sure to grab a cup of coffee and a diaper; you'll need both.

Happy Wednesday~

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