Weekly Devotional~No reason to be angry

"But the Lord replied, "Have you any right to be angry?"

I find myself showing signs of my inner-child, often.. especially when I am having a difficult time obeying God.  Whether it be that I do not want to do a single thing He is speaking to my heart, or I have obeyed but now I am kicking my heels in the dust as I clutch at His ankles along the way, obedience is very difficult for me.

And I think it is for every believer at one time or another.  We all find ourselves in a moment where we do not want to follow his prompts to engage in a particular part of His plan;  or, we find ourselves fighting as we obey.  We have plans of our own and we want to have control over the actions we have agreed to do.  We make deals with God and put conditions on things.  In order to keep our little lives intact, and our busy schedules on time, we need His full cooperation.
As we bargain with the Lord, we are making the statement that it isn't really His Will, but our own.  We are looking to glorify ourselves, not Him.

Bargaining is something we do naturally, however.  As we engage with one another we are always looking out for our best interests and so, by default we bring that into our relationship with the Lord.  What we are forgetting is that this is not a two-way street, in that sense at least.  When we are given a message, or a call, a word to focus on or a scripture to learn, it is a Holy presence in our physical time, and a very Holy assertion to do as we are told.  Our only job is to listen and obey.  Maybe it is difficult because we feel like we are losing in moments like this;  like we are weaker or smaller by not acting on our own feelings.  This couldn't be more farther from the truth.
The Lord created us in His image.  We hold in our physical bodies a heart that is like Him, full of incomprehensible emotions and powerful feelings.  When that heart swells at the sudden thought to serve or seek or praise, we ought to do just that, and without question;  for it is the power of the Holy Spirit that is moving us to do so!  When we become angry in the event of serving, or refuse to altogether, this is a clear sign of a pride issue.

It is not about us, as much as we have told ourselves it is.  When we engaged in a relationship with the Lord, through Christ, we became new.  When we took Him in, we acquired the power to be compassionate and loving, even in times where we do not want to be.  Instead of being angry, we need to embrace the opportunity to accept His Divine assistance in softening our hearts and using us to Glorify Himself. 

Easier said than done, I'm sure;  but definitely worth a shot.  As we begin the week with a manic Monday, ask yourself if you can take one bad moment and see God's grace and love in it.  Ask yourself if you can use one moment to change your reaction from one of anger to one of letting go and letting God.  He has a plan in motion that we are mere participants in.  He is ready to take on all things for us if we can just let Him.

Holding on to pride and anger is as silly as holding a hot coal as we aim to throw it at someone else;  we are hurt worse than anyone else in the process.

God's Best, and a big hug

Inspired by Priscilla Shirer's bible study "Jonah:  Navigating A Life Interrupted"

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