The sands of time

Have you ever cleaned up the debri from a vacation and found little things that sparked smiles and flashbacks? Receipts take you back to a dinner with long lost friends or far away family. Shopping bags with stains stir the aroma of the best cup of coffee you'd had in a long time. Drips of chocolate on your favorite white skirt; but you don't mind because your love made that s'more for you.

I had this moment tonight while doing the laundry. I was checking Thomas' pockets and felt sand. Michigan sand. Weekend getaway sand. The North Beach of South Haven at dusk, sand. At once I heard giggles from Eli as he ran barefoot across the cool terrain. I saw Thomas carrying him around on his shoulders. I felt us running to spook the seagulls so Eli could clap as they flew away. I would normally complain over a pocketful of earth in my laundry bin but this time, I could have cried a bit.

This took me back to a memory.  A moment that will never leave my heart, for it was a moment with my boys that was magical in a way that only a bare beach in the summer's eve blue can deliver.

I pray you all have many of these this summer.

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