Dear, Son

Today I learned just how receptive and considerate you are.

There was a moment this afternoon where I was frazzled (shocker) and tired (another shocker) and simply felt like curling up into an 'I Quit' ball in the bedroom.  Rather than do just that, I snuck away quietly while you were watching Wow Wow Wubbzy and took a breather by the bedroom window.  Just sitting there picturing green leaves, sunshine, and warm cement under barefeet made me feel a bit better.  It gave me something to look forward to on a day like this.  Though it didn't fully cure the frown, it seemed to do enough and so I decided to get back out to you.. only, to my delight, you were wobbling down the hall in my direction.

I sat on the window ledge and watched you stop and look into your nursery, then again into the bathroom.  I saw you look behind you at the living room, and then into each room again.  It was then that you looked down the hall, and as your eyes began to focus on the dark room ahead, and the silhouette in the bright window, three things seemed to happen at once;  you realized it was me, half ran half stumbled toward the bedroom, and smiled so wide that it altered my consciousness for a moment.  You passed the doorframe, rounded the bed and made the breakaway to where I was seated with your arms open wide and raised high.  I picked you up and as I held you right in front of my face you made eye contact with me that was beyond the capacity of a 13 month old.  Something about your face spoke monumental soundless truth to me.  You instantly took away my worries, and replaced them with the reality that is Love, right here and right now.  You cannot even say enough words to utter the shortest peptalk, and yet, you managed to rescue my derailed thought process.  It's like you knew just what I was feeling and how to fix it.  You really are my gift from God.

Then you said "BaBa" and pointed back down the hall..

Bottle.  Ok, so maybe you're hungry.  I'll still believe it happened my way..

You really are the best,

Love, Mom

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