‘Tis the year to make Un-Resolutions!

Every year, millions of people around the world make a New Year's Resolution...or ten.  Even though there are a known six billion plus people on this planet, there are a great many that do NOT make resolutions.  Today, I am one of those people.

My resolutions last year were to workout more, be more productive in general, think better about myself, be more kind to others, balance my checkbook...stuff like that.  None of these were adhered to completely, however.  I found that along the way, for whatever reason, I could slack here or there and it became months before I was back into the gym, and just this morning that I cursed my unruly hair.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what year or what day it is...If I’m not going to do something, I’m just not going to do it.  So, with that said, here are my 2011 Un-Resolutions.

#1  It’s ok if I don’t get to the gym everyday.  I am not going to force myself to feel guilty because I am not being like everyone else.  By everyone else I mean those crazy people that somehow think that by starting on January first to do anything at all that it is somehow graced by this amazing energy or sprinkled with fairy dust, ensuring it’s completion and one of a kind success.  If you can’t push yourself everyday, and I’m talking to myself here, too, then there is no sense in thinking that a new year will suddenly change the part of your brain that doesn’t work that way already.  Not gonna happen, so I’m not gonna sweat it.

#2  I’m not going to beat myself up if I take an Executive Day, once a month...or even two in a row.

*For those of you that don’t know what an Executive Day entails, it is a day full of nothingness and wonderful times.  It is a term that was conveniently coined in the sorority house on a morning where we just didn’t want to do a damn thing.  By prefacing any word with “executive”, it sounds more important, almost blushing and swelling with possibilities.  And so it was...a day full of important gossip, tv shows and snacks, busting at the seams with joy, fresh painted toes, tanning, and regret....once we remembered the exam we had at 8:00 the next morning.*

I still enjoy them to this day, and I intend to as often as possible.  They include less luxurious tasks such as laundry and dishes, trips to Costco and making a big dinner, but they are an Executive Day all the same.  I mean, technically I am CEO of a household.

#3  I’m not going to overdue it on anything anymore just to be part of the norm.  I can think of sooo many times that I have pushed myself to look like Susie Showoff or be as productive as Olivia the Overachiever.  I am who I am, and I will do what I can, to the best of my ability, everytime, no exceptions (unless it’s an Executive Day).  As long as it meets my standards, and His, I’ll be satisfied.

Granted, there are things I will strive to do in the New Year, but they are things I am striving to do now and have been for a while.  One is to spend more time in the Word, soaking up the Truth, everyday.  Another is to make sure that I am loving my family as selflessly as possible, and devoting myself to them in every way.  What has brought me away from these two things are the previously mentioned three things I plan to "undo" this coming year:  worrying too much about outward appearance, the acceptance of people who's opinions, frankly, should not matter, and trying too hard to be what I feel society demands of me.  This year, I will find the balance as I remove the bad and focus on the good *smile*

With all of this said, I encourage you to look back on your past New Years Resolutions, carefully, and think hard not only about what you promised yourself, but WHY.  I think you’ll be surprised by the epiphanies that follow.  Looking deeper into my own, I noticed that it morphed before my very eyes from the very generic “My resolutions are....” to “oh shit, it’s a new year tomorrow and I have nothing to show.  Maybe if I boast ALOT it will make up for everything.  What can I say I’ll do even though I know I’ll never deliver...hmm....” 

It seems like all too often we bash ourselves, lose faith in our potential, completely shut down that part of our soul that makes us, well, us!...all in order to file in line and blend in.  Along comes a New Year and something in us begins to speak up.  Somewhere deep down we remember that we are here for bigger and better things, and maybe the first day of the first month is a good place to start.  Sometimes, this is not a bad thing at all.  But if you’re anything like me, and you only seem to look to times like this to step up and make a change, you’re going to be sad and miserable for many New Years to come.  We should have a New Year mindset everyday.  We should wake up each morning and ask ourselves “how can I top yesterday?”  Not put it on hold until the popular date to do it.

So make your resolutions, or un-resolutions...but whatever you do, only consider the promises that are breathed from your heart.  They are the only resolutions that will make you a better person, or boost the part of you that will keep you going long after the New Year phase is over.  The early Babylonians used to make the resolution to return borrowed farm equipment.  It’s like they were creating instant Karma...return to have the luxury of borrowing again in the New Year?

Whatever the reason, be true to you.  Only make resolutions you want to, and will, keep!  The rest are poisoned by the trendy world we live in and will only leave you depleted in the end. 

Happy 2011!

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