Never set your purse on the bathroom floor

No one knows your body better than you do.  Afterall, you must bathe it and dress it and carry it around all day.  Cursing happens, but that is usually after a long affair with the break and bakes.  Today, though, you're happy.  You're admiring your curves and your color, your imperfections and noticeable places of potential improvement.  You laugh when you realize you're making that face that women often do in front of the mirror.  Lips pursed, crooked smirk, shrugged shoulders...girl what are you pondering anyway?

Surgery?  Na..  that would never fly.  The feministic chic layer of your bright soul would push through and stop that nonsense, fast.  You've surely pushed out your belly a few times, pretending it's anywhere from 16-20 weeks along, full of love and excitement and "the next level."  But that's not it either.  You spin and look over your shoulder... ugh, that tattoo is still very much there.  You make a mental note to search "laser removal" later on.  But even that's not what is on your mind.
Standing back, giving yourself another once over, it hits you.

You're in love.  Full-blown, head on, in love.  In love with your two legs, two arms, torso, toes, fingers and face.  You're pleased with your hair and skin and cupsize, even.  They are altogether the most beautiful and impeccable collection you've ever seen, perfectly harmonized, and full of light.  You've never seen yourself like this.  You've never seen anything like yourself, anywhere.  It feels amazing.  Why it hit you just now in this moment, who knows.  But who cares.  You smile.  You just stand and soak it all in. 

You wish you still smoked so you'd have something to do in this revelation of a moment, but you should probably head out, anyway.  The show starts in ten minutes and there's a line of ladies waiting to use the restroom.  As you squish down the hall, past a line of baby girls who probably couldn't even fathom where you just came from, you smile at each and every one and silently wish them peace with their individual creation as well.  Somehow in this quick trip to the ladies room, you emerged as a compassionate and confident woman.  You don't even need wine right now, you feel so good.

Upon your return, your better half finishes his drink, comments on the basketball game, and asks if you fell in.

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