A totally bitchin' time

That's what the invite to Anna's Monday morning brunch promised.. along with bellinis and a babysitter.  It sounded like a good way to begin what was about to be the week from h-e-double hockey sticks!

Us massage therapists try to get together at least once a month, though it usually stretches to two, sometimes three.  We spend our weeks together in the zenzone, slingin' massages and juggling hot stones, or kickin it with a coffee and a pile of sheets in the infamous Indigo breakroom.  It's a great time and all, but we need that off site girl time sometimes.

And so we ventured in the frigidness out to Anna's new house in Canton.
She scored a lovely six bedroom cozy castle set on just over four acres on a very quiet end of town.  As soon as you walk in you see right through the living/parlor area into the open kitchen and out the window to the backyard.  Everything is lit and warm.  It feels country, minus the head of an elk on the wall or Paula Deen drawlin all over the counters.  Her choice of colors leads your eyes up and around, and is as peaceful as a gentle temple massage.  And as if all of this wasn't enough, the neatly placed pot holders with their respective name tags sat in front for the quiches that were finishing in the oven just sealed the deal for me.

I met her adorable sitter, Nikki, upstairs to "drop off" Eli in a pretty bitchin babyproof bungalow.  He and her son Ben feasted on pumpkin-flax-chocolate chip muffins, blueberries, melon and banana.  They watched movies and played quietly.   The only text downstairs from Nikki was to ask if Eli could eat more fruit *smile*

Downstairs, us girls got cozy with our bellinis and cut into quiche as soon as it was done.  We talked about work, and kids, and Christmas shopping and cooking.  We talked about Anna's plans for the summer with her new open space, made just right for entertaining.  We we all pretty inspired by the work she had done improving the space to make it their own.  And we met her hubbs, Joel, after he returned from shopping with a Dyson~score!

I looked around the room as all of us girls squawked and became very happy when I re-evaluated the ladies I'm blessed to share my workweek with..

Anna, our massage department head, loves us on and off the floor, enough so to set up this day for us.  Of course it was open to everyone at the spa, but coincidentally, only one person who wasn't a massage therapist came~we love you Kelly *smile*  The girl is notorious for dropping off little bowls of treats that are organic and healthy, sweet and dangerous to the appetite, and often labeled with some kind of OSU cheer.  What's a buckeye, anyway?  *sneaky grin*

Alex, one of our newer therapists, though she's well past her six month mark, was the ray of sunshine that she is every shift.  She with her tea and I with my cup-o-joe, that girl and I just sit and chat all morning sometimes, as they are slow here and there.  She is the most cheerful and beautiful woman, and it's a refreshing natural kind of beauty~my favorite! 

Kelly was our "party crasher" as she was the only non-MT there.  She's an incredible esthetician, who recently tested out for her licensing as a nail technician.  She is a sounding board for most anything, a hug when you need it, a giggle whether you like it or not, and a gluten free diva that appreciates a honey crisp apple probably more than I do.  I barely see this girl out of work, and it was a delight to hug her hello today.

Same with my girl April.  If I end up seeing her outside of work again I'll definitely be wearing my dancing shoes and a very sassy outfit.  She is who I vicariously live my non-mom life through.  It's always fun listening to her stories of dating and dancing, traveling and turning heads.  I was not surprised when she answered the door looking hot enough to melt the driveway.

I saw Emily's car pull in off of the street and I got excited *smile*  The reasons I get happy to see her are because we are sisters in Christ and cannot wait to share stories that we just wouldn't normally share with many other people.  Since I returned from maternity leave and changed my schedule, our quality time is zero.  Not cool at all.  Somehow we have little moments that overlap here and there and we get to share a bit of chit chat and a hug.  Today she had great news about her pastor and an opportunity for him to serve overseas.  Just the words "so.. I have to tell you--" got me excited. 

Even our boss came!  Yay for Melissa and her amazing ability to read people, thus creating the group that I was secretly adoring all morning.  This woman is the epitome of success, focus, perseverance and drive.  She left the gym to join us, joked about the extra calories she was consuming and how she'd be making a second trip to the gym after work.  The thing is, she probably isn't kidding *giggle*  She is our motivation and our biggest cheerleader.  Her excitement for her salon and spa, her dream, carries over to us and lights the fire sometimes.  We talked today about the upcoming year and what to expect.  2011 will be the best year yet for Indigo! *cheer*

We sat there and talked freely and cheerfully.  Usually we are doing so in the breakroom and running at the blink of our pager or stopping the convo to fold sheets or run a neckwrap

And of course, it was all over too soon.  I grabbed Eli, hugged my favorites goodbye, collected my parting gift of a small bag of puppy chow and headed off to put a very tired little man down for a nap.  I prayed the whole way down the road, just thanking God for good friends, good times and good wine.  No we didn't have wine, but I always thank God for wine *giggle*
Pretty wonderful Monday though~I enjoyed my first ever bellini, which was uh-may-zing.  My belly was full of delicious treats and I topped it off with a butterscotch schnapps hot cocoa.  Little man was playing hard upstairs and I was actually starting to miss him a little *smile*  And I got some quality time with my girls to discuss life and work and get a fresh start before a busy holiday rush.

During our morning I snapped a few pictures.  Of course, I didn't get as many that would make for the most successful blog, but hopefully the small bio of my bitchin besties from work will fill in those gaps.

Anna serving up some spiked cocoa
Butterscotch, please :)

Alex (left) and April (right) smiling in the sunshine

mmmm bellinis!

The Richeson Family Herb Garden

Emily (left) and Kelly (right) enjoying their flutes of fantastic-ness

And a peppermint cocoa, complete with it's own mini candy cane. 

Is she the hostess with the most-est or what?  I don't know whether to hurl or ask her to write a book.  Her culinary and hospitality mastery is quite inspiring and I do promise that you will see more of her work on this page.  So if I'm boring you, at least come back for her peanut butter buckeye recipe!  As for more pics of Anna's house, I'm sure there will l be a spring/summer gathering in the future with full blown documentation.  Shooot... I may just sneak back over for another bitchin bellini.

Stay tuned my friends..

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