Regifting rocks~

To kick off my creative period, I started with a mini gift of a greeting card tree trinket inside a small box, also made by the greeting card. This is a pretty genius little idea I stumbled upon. If you have the right size greeting card, you can literally turn the entire thing into your gift and box. I chose to make the smaller 5X5 version. I gathered my supplies of greeting cards, scissors and tape, if needed.
Start with old greeting cards

Cut your card into a 5X5 square with your image or pattern centered.

Cut 'em 5"X5" or bigger if possible

Draw and X from corner to corner to guide your folds, on the inside, of course. You will take each corner to just before the middle, then fold that portion again so that the first fold rests along the line that you drew. Complete with all four corners so that you end up with the neatly creased square below.

Draw and X to guide your folds

You will then make the cuts. Along one line only, at each corner, you will begin to cut from the edge, continue the length of two squares, ending one square before the center. Do this on the foldline that is one square away from the line you drew. Then you will cut the line that intersects this line, which will remove a small triangle of paper from the edge. I tried to get the picture in such a way that you can see how these are done. If you are pissed at my attempts, remember, I told you this will not be a Martha-type blog.

Make the cuts

After you make the cuts you are ready to assemble. Fold the corners of the line you did not just cut along in towards the center and leave them.

Begin the folds

Now bring your cut edges up so they are perpendicular to the box, and bring each corner together as in the picture above. Think "pizza box."

Continue folding

To hold these parts in place, simply fold the remaining flaps over the two edges that are meeting and press the triangles into the center. If you need some tape or glue to help this, do your thang.


Make one about 1/4" smaller to nest

I then began my tree trinket.
There will not be a step by step of this since some of the steps included events such as
"Tie a knot.. tie another knot... yell and slam the project down and look for the wine.."
"Proceed to chase down Eli and fish the loose beads out of his mouth.."
"Apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the needle puncture wound and watch for signs of tetanus.."

You get the picture. This is just all better left undocumented..

And so we continue. I found old beaded jewelry and some string/cord. I cut small strips out of the remnants of the greeting card used to make the box. Using the needle I proceeded to create the bottom of the trinket. However you can find a way to fasten this, have at it. My way did not work~see the above edited comments and instructions.

Then I threaded each strip of cut greeting card onto the thread, all one end first, then all of the other ends after. When I was finished I had this sort of spiral globe action going on, and I topped it off with another trickle of beads. Fasten as you find possible.

Beginning of tree trinket

And thar she blows! Since I do not have the smarts to figure out Thomas' 5D, you'll have to deal with my iPhone pictures until then. I think they're pretty good so far *smile*

Tree trinket in action

All set to roll. I only used one half of two greeting cards, since the other half of each were too small, one piece of tape, about 6 inches of string and beads from a old bracelet, one hello kitty bandaid for the warwound (did you think I was kidding?) and a square of tissue paper to neatly pack it up for delivery. I really think Eli swallowed a bead, too.. please do not call CPS when you read this as it is not the first and surely will not be the last.

The gift is just smaller than a traditional ring box. I think it's absolutely adorable and full of potential if you really have time and no child eating at your ankles the whole time. Given the different materials available in craft stores and on old vintage finds at the thrift store, you could seriously do some hand-me-down damage before tomorrow night.

All set to be delivered to a special lady!

This gift is for Kelly's mom, Bonnie. She is a member of our church and has been known to make secret gifts for the ladies in her women's bible study. I thought it was time she received a special thoughtful gift *smile* If she really wanted to try to find out who it's from, she could just open up the bottom of the box and contact the sender of the card used to house her tree trinket. There remains a greeting from dear friends of the family from a few years ago. Sorry Uncle Cal and Aunt Peggy, it's all about recycling this year.

Happy last minute gifting everybody!

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